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io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm Interface Reference

PWM pin. More...

Inheritance diagram for io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm:
io.treehopper.HardwarePwm io.treehopper.SoftPwm

Public Member Functions

double getDutyCycle ()
void setDutyCycle (double dutyCycle)
double getPulseWidth ()
void setPulseWidth (double pulseWidth)
boolean isEnabled ()
void setEnabled (boolean enabled)

Detailed Description

PWM pin.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDutyCycle()

double io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm.getDutyCycle ( )

◆ getPulseWidth()

double io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm.getPulseWidth ( )

◆ isEnabled()

boolean io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm.isEnabled ( )

◆ setDutyCycle()

void io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm.setDutyCycle ( double  dutyCycle)

◆ setEnabled()

void io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm.setEnabled ( boolean  enabled)

◆ setPulseWidth()

void io.treehopper.interfaces.Pwm.setPulseWidth ( double  pulseWidth)

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