Treehopper Java API
io.treehopper.SoftPwmConfig Class Reference

Internal SoftPWM config structure. More...

Public Member Functions

 SoftPwmConfig (Pin pin, int pulseWidthUs, boolean usePulseWidth)

Public Attributes

Pin Pin
double DutyCycle
 Duty Cycle, from 0 to 1. More...
double PulseWidthUs
 Pulse Width, in Milliseconds. More...
boolean UsePulseWidth
int Ticks

Detailed Description

Internal SoftPWM config structure.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoftPwmConfig()

io.treehopper.SoftPwmConfig.SoftPwmConfig ( Pin  pin,
int  pulseWidthUs,
boolean  usePulseWidth 

Member Data Documentation

◆ DutyCycle

double io.treehopper.SoftPwmConfig.DutyCycle

Duty Cycle, from 0 to 1.

◆ Pin

Pin io.treehopper.SoftPwmConfig.Pin

◆ PulseWidthUs

double io.treehopper.SoftPwmConfig.PulseWidthUs

Pulse Width, in Milliseconds.

◆ Ticks

int io.treehopper.SoftPwmConfig.Ticks

◆ UsePulseWidth

boolean io.treehopper.SoftPwmConfig.UsePulseWidth

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