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DigitalOut Class Referenceabstract

Digital output pin abstract class. More...

#include <DigitalOut.h>

Inheritance diagram for DigitalOut:
SpiChipSelectPin Pin

Public Member Functions

virtual void makePushPullOutput ()=0
 Make the pin a push-pull output. More...
virtual bool digitalValue ()
 Retrieve the currently-set digital value of the pin. More...
virtual void digitalValue (bool value)
 Set the pin's digital value. More...

Detailed Description

This abstract class provides digital output support used by Pin, and can also be extended by GPIO expanders and other peripherals that provide DigitalOut -like functionality.

Member Function Documentation

◆ digitalValue() [1/2]

virtual bool digitalValue ( )

Reimplemented in Pin.

◆ digitalValue() [2/2]

virtual void digitalValue ( bool  value)

Reimplemented in Pin.

◆ makePushPullOutput()

virtual void makePushPullOutput ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in Pin.

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