Treehopper C# API
Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NTreehopperBase Treehopper namespace
 NLibrariesCommonly used external peripherals, sensors, and other devices
 NArduinoShimProvide some Arduino functions to make it easier to run Arduino code with Treehopper in C#
 NDisplaysIndividual and array LEDs, plus character and graphic displays
 NInputRotary encoders, buttons, faders, and other physical input devices
 NIOPort expanders, shift registers, ADCs, and DACs
 NAdcAnalog to digital converters (ADCs)
 NDacDigital to analog converters (DACs)
 NDigitalPotDigital potentiometers
 NMuxStandard analog multiplexer support for I2c, digital, and analog muxing
 NPortExpanderGPIO port expanders, shift registers, and PWM expanders
 NMemoryDiscrete flash and RAM memory
 NMotorsMotors, motor controllers, and H-bridge drivers
 NSensorsSensors for measuring physical phenomena
 NHumidityHumidity sensors
 NInertialAccelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers
 NMagneticCompasses, Hall effect sensors, and 3D magnetic position sensors
 NOpticalAmbient light, ultraviolet, and infrared sensors and cameras
 NPressureBarometric, relative, and absolute pressure sensors
 NTemperatureContact and non-contact (IR thermopile) temperature sensors
 NUtilitiesUtility classes used across Treehopper.Libraries
 NUtilitiesUtility classes for working with common data types